Amenity Spaces

1 S Dearborn • Chicago, Illinois
15,000 SF


Revitalize an existing fitness center, conference center, and amenities lounge with a light touch and limited budget.


Limited ceiling height and dated finishes inside the fitness center and lounge needed to be overcome to create a desirous environment. It was clear the existing conference center required a stronger sense of separation from its current amenities area. A division needed to be created without excluding one area of the space.


The existing grid and tile ceiling was removed in the fitness center to offer a greater sense of volume. Decorative acoustical clouds with direct and indirect lighting help to reinforce this. At the fitness center’s entry, a custom carpet was installed creating a pathway towards the locker rooms. At the same time, a new glass partition placed at the corridor entrance opens the fitness center to the amenities area giving it a presence.

Careful updating of existing finishes allowed EWP to strengthen the connection between the fitness center and the lounge. New furnishings helped refresh the overall space and reinforce the vision.

A decorative wood screen element was added between the conference area and the lounge. EWP further carried this design language into a presentation wall within the conference room that concealed access to a building compartment.