1 S Dearborn, Suite 1520

Spec Suite • Chicago, Illinois
5,000 SF


Continuing their successful spec suite program, 1 S Dearborn directed EWP to create a floor of unique and timely spec suites that had a common language but spoke to different tenants.


The asset tends to attract tenants with heavy office needs. The challenge was to find the most strategic way to demise the floor so that it offers views, economy, and varying sizes of suites. Further, the suites need to feel different and have their own special and memorable quality.


The design process quickly led to a common language of glass fronts, open ceilings, neutral walls, and rich textures. Through subtle details and diverse material textures, EWP distinguished the various spaces while maintaining the same high level of quality. Seeking to strike a balance between the warmth of Suite 1500 and the moodiness of Suite 1510, this suite adopts a more playful approach. Warm wood tones are contrasted by a dark metal screen and rich upholsteries. A broad wall covering pattern challenges one’s sense of scale, while deep burgundy chairs placed in the pantry contribute to a handsome composition.