1 N Franklin, Suite 1850

Spec Suite • Chicago, Illinois
4,500 SF


A vacant space, resulting from the giveback and downsizing of two adjacent suites begs for life
and character.


At its core, the space is great. It simply lacked an anchor, something to give it depth and character. The plan itself was straightforward—offices and open workstations balanced well along the primary axis, with collaboration space feeling like a natural part of the entrance sequence.


From the outset, the EWP team recognized that the pantry needed be strong enough to act as the anchor, the central hub of activity. However, positioning the pantry along the exterior wall was not feasible. We implemented an acoustic trellis to ground the space, adding vibrant color and drama. Custom wall sconce assemblies mix quartz panels softened by warm light, while delicate pendants offer something special for otherwise simple and functional spaces.