Confidential Client

110 N Wacker • Chicago, Illinois
24,200 SF


Assist in developing a full floor space for a progressive law firm.


EWP was tasked to work alongside an out-of-state design firm to help expedite the build-out process and consult on local codes. While working together to coordinate details, EWP acted as architect of record, collaborating with multiple specialty consultants to deliver a prestigious-looking, technology-oriented, Chicago office for a global law firm.


This challenging project required EWP to balance high client expectations, multiple specialty consultants, a difficult procurement environment, and multiple out-of-state parties. Beyond the excellence in design, our process and communication were integral to the success of this project.

Hundreds of specialty details were composed to articulate project requirements and insure execution. Multiple mockups and samples were required to coordinate between a large design team, the construction team, and the ownership team.

Two permit sets were utilized under two separate permit tracks to speed up timeframes and allow the development of specialty areas while preliminary construction began. Nearly the entire project was custom — from unique large-scale stretch ceiling systems, glass door and wall systems, technology integration, workstations, and private offices. This incredibly detailed project would not have been possible without our leadership and expertise.