EWP was formed in 2011 by Jeff Eland, Ron Walker, and Brett Polich.  Our goal was to establish and grow an architectural practice, focused on commercial interiors.  The organization is modeled around a high level of partner participation supported by a staff of educated, trained, and licensed professionals.

We service tenants and buildings in the Chicago Metropolitan area.  Our hallmarks are a high level of responsiveness and a unique problem solving approach.  Clients return to us and refer us because we understand the press of business, the importance of finding a path to make ideas work, and the earnest of time.

We view ourselves as problem solvers, resources - not just designing space, developing solutions to realize ideas.


Services for tenants

  • Strategic Programming

  • Programming / Needs Analysis

  • Space Planning

  • Interior Architecture and Design

  • Furniture Specification and Procurement

  • Scope / Pricing Documents

  • Construction Documents

  • Construction Administration

Services for Building Leasing Agents

  • BOMA / Area Calculations

  • As Built Documentation

  • Marketing Plans

  • Control Books

  • Evacuation Plans

  • Stacking Plans

  • Building Measuring

Services for Building Owners and Managers

  • Code Analysis and Surveying

  • Common Area Design: elevator cabs, corridors,lobbies, conference centers, delis, restrooms,amenities, spec suites